Month: July 2017

At The Crossroad ✝️

When the time comes you will know, that inside there’s an emptiness that you can’t let go.

Cold but not freezing, damp but not wet.

“Go back or move on”

Do you want to return to what it was, or do you want to stay where you are?

At the cross-road where you need to make a choice. ✝️

You have to decide what is right and if you can do it.

Right now it’s very important.

Witch way should you go?


1. Stop to see the way you want to turn, for there are many ways you can go to.

2. Listen to your mind, what is it telling you? Ask the almighty to show you the way because he knows everything.

3. Look at where you have been, where you are, where you want to go. Decide the path that is for you. Once that is done, start walking.

Keep moving to your destination, you will be alright. There’s always someone walking with you. No matter how hard, keep on moving. Don’t give up. There will be times you don’t think you are getting anywhere. Times you think nothing is getting done.



Do something that will make you more knowledgable. Things are never easy, but they dont have to be hard as you think. Keep moving, never give up because you will get there!