Month: September 2018


Day of peace comes when I wake. The birds sing, people talking, children playing, wolf howling, wanting more love & more affection than you can give. Sometimes, the music will play something I like to here and sometimes it won’t but people working in their yards and the trees moving to their own tune is a sound that I love. The sound of nothing is sometimes nice too. I see why people go to bird watching. It brings a calmness to see here the birds. There are so many different kinds of birds and they are so beautiful. When they sing, it’s music in your ears.”I Love it” God made them so beautiful, each of them different colors. I had a bird come in my yard to eat and I didn’t know what kind of bird it was but my brother said it was a Dove but the only dove I had ever seen was white. I’d never seen a grey one. So far, I have only seen one of the doves so I am hoping his or her mate is still here. Most of the time when I see birds from sitting on my porch or in my backyard, there are two.