Just to night I am thinking about all the things I have done all the time I have spent with people and being alone. Just to night I praise my self for not doing a bad job . Just to night. Tonight I see three young people that I raised , I see the beauty in them that came from me, love and the knowledge to think for them selves and not give up no mater how hard . Just tonight I praise my mother because she gave me my strength to pass onto others the love. My patients was something I learned years ago now it is needed at this time so much so for you mothers out there ” Happy Mother’s Day” and bless you all.


Streets can consume you take your pride. Beat you, nowhere to hide. Push you under the side of

your ways, strap you in and make you stay. Play with your soul take your mind, strip you from love all of the time. It can push you in the Gates of Hell. Jerk you out, never tell. Beat you up with just one stroke, lead you on it’s no joke. Streets can take your soul then just move on, stop your heart then you’re gone.


Time to conceive time to be born time to cry time to sleep time to keep time moving on, time to walk time to talk about the things that are going on. Time to eat time to read because you are not the one. Time to pray time to stay away from time back in my mind time to stay on the right path time to listen time that flows like the river, that’s the time to see what’s it mean time to teach time to preach time to rest. I did my best time to sleep time to grow time is no more time the doors close time to go and start all over again

Good Night Little One

On this night it is time to rest. Your days have been full of love from your mom and dad, sister and brothers. Sweet dreams of the days to come when you wake up with God’s grace. We are thankful for those that have been in our lives today and those that will come in the next. Sleep my dearest and never fear. Sweet dreams to you all and goodnight.


Starting the first of the year, I would like to ask you to trust your self. It never hurt to lend a helping hand. There have been time’s when a total stranger have helped me out , you never know who is watching you or when someone see your pain. Be kind to people you don’t know what they are going through. Speek to your neighbor. Stay true to yourself God see everything , stay true to him his love will never stop. I will write more soon.


Day of peace comes when I wake. The birds sing, people talking, children playing, wolf howling, wanting more love & more affection than you can give. Sometimes, the music will play something I like to here and sometimes it won’t but people working in their yards and the trees moving to their own tune is a sound that I love. The sound of nothing is sometimes nice too. I see why people go to bird watching. It brings a calmness to see here the birds. There are so many different kinds of birds and they are so beautiful. When they sing, it’s music in your ears.”I Love it” God made them so beautiful, each of them different colors. I had a bird come in my yard to eat and I didn’t know what kind of bird it was but my brother said it was a Dove but the only dove I had ever seen was white. I’d never seen a grey one. So far, I have only seen one of the doves so I am hoping his or her mate is still here. Most of the time when I see birds from sitting on my porch or in my backyard, there are two.

So Busy

In this world today we are so busy there is never enough time. We go to sleep thinking about what we have to do for the next day, then we wake up trying to remember what we were thinking about before we went to sleep. If you didn’t write it down or make a note of it, put it in your phone you might not remember. We are so busy there is not enough time. Well, there is! Stop what you are doing for just a moment and call someone you haven’t talked to. If you are as busy as I have talked about, you can make time. Someone that you know needs you to call and ask them how they are. Find out what they have been doing. Listen to them. Let them talk. Let them vent and make them laugh and don’t talk about you because we all know you’ve been busy. Let them take there time because what ever you have to do it can wait. Now you have just allowed someone else to remember what they forgot. Friends, “laughter” and peace of mind is what we need from time to time.


To my family and friends, I have been bless to know and be around some awesome people. It’s not every day this can be said. My family is so supportive of the things I do most of the time even when their not, I know they still right there with me by my side if I fall. This is one of the greatest things I love about my family, not just my mom or my brother’s or daughters or son but other people in my life my nephew’s and ness cousins they all have my back and that is a great feeling. When one is in need, we are all there. I am so glad God put these people in my life no matter what the problem. My mom is there for me she is my rock. My two daughter’s and son are always by my side good and  bad times. Thank YOU for your love and support. Now, my friends are also there to lend a helping hand if needed, just to comfort me when I need a friend. Thank you for being there. I couldn’t ask for more you see, God never leaves me. Thank you God for always walking with me. I just want people to know how thankful  I am for God and my family and friends. I love them very much.