I was riding in the car with my brother today and was stopped by a city worker, they were rewiring one of the poles on the side walk . The man that stopped use had a smile on his face, not showing his teeth but one of those smiles that left you knowing he liked what he was doing , so calm. We stopped until they had pulled all the wiring across the street and he still had that nice smile. I told my brother he likes his job. My brother asked; “why do you say that?”, I told him because of his smile. Everyone is not unhappy, there are people that love what they are doing and enjoy their job. Weather work or play this man looked to be happy with his life, I love it when I see that. It lets me know there are more people like me, we may still have troubles but we can always find the good in life and in jobs even during

bad times there is something good to look forward to.

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