Just when you wonder what your life’s going to look like now that we have to stay home 90% of the time if you don’t work. And if you do go to work, try not to get in anyone’s space. Things are different now. We have to wear masks, social distance and sanitize as much as possible. We have no time to go to clubs that might harm you and your love ones. So what is there to do? We can regroup, make a vision boards or write what you want on paper. You have time-now to actually plan what you want. (Go for it) critique what you already we’re doing and get more sleep.

Lose a lot of the stress and eat healthier. Listen more to your children and really find out about each one as an individual.

Find out what makes your other half love you. Show more compassion amd laugh with your family and play with them more. And when I say “play with them more” it’s not just the children but also your spouse or your other half. Do the things you wanted to do but didn’t have time for. Talk to your man or woman and make plans together. Take walks together if you can. You now have more time than you ever had so use it to make things better. Now, for those who are by their selves it’s not all lost for us. Do the same things with family, just a different way. Use zoom. Play virtual games with your family. Talk to love ones. Groom those pets and you can even train them and take them outside to get some air. Take some walks down your street, go skating! Plan out what garden you want to put in your yard or on your balcony this spring. There’s a lot we can do. Go take bike rides or go write that book. Join a book club. Talk with people on the phone. Help with the food bank and so much more. Remember to be nice to your neighbors because all is not lost. It’s just now, we need to humble ourselves more.

I mean really look and see how we can help our family and then the world will become a better place. There are other people out here that are wondering the same thing that you are. Maybe this is the time to get to know yourself much better so when that person does come along, you’ll be More than ready to share what you want out of the rest of your life.

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