Hi! last month I went to South Carolina to the festival and I had a lot of fun! I got a chance to ride on the Monster Truck bought a few things then went and look at some beautiful flowers. Coming back home I ended up stopping in Miami and this month I am in Los Angles , having a great time. Here are some pictures showing some of the things I have been doing other than eating some great food!

Well everyone, we are winding down now and getting close to another year. What did you do that was different from last year?

Did you loose that weight you were talking about and walk more? Or see more of your family? Did party or rest more? You clean out that closet you been trying to get to for years or throw away those junk papers? 

Did you pray more and talk to God more? What did you do?

Don’t wait for the new year to start all of these things, more can be done now just start! Don;t wait for another year start today because God will listen to you right now.

Talk to him. Go get that bible and read a little and walk up and down those steps just a little. Get a bag of papers and look through them and then throw them away. Then get some old close out of your closet and give them away. A little dancing and rejoicing and praying to God will make you smile with your family, you don’t have to wait until next year! You still have time to start now. Don’t worry about the next year.


Love Veronica





Travel The World

Dear friends,

Starting next month, I will be traveling all around the united states and places around the world! I will be exploring the states as well as many countries and documenting my journey. I will keep you all posted on where exactly I’ll be and what I will see while I’m there.

(And don’t forget, on the fist of the month you will STILL be able to put in your orders for cookes! That will never stop.)

Please look out for my post in the near future…😊🌍🌹

Never Let Go

In this life I thank the almighty above for walking with me and never letting go. When I was a child I asked God to let me grow up. Now that I’m grown upIMG_20170818_125101_933, I ask the Lord to let me grow old.

Thank you Lord.

At The Crossroad ✝️

When the time comes you will know, that inside there’s an emptiness that you can’t let go.

Cold but not freezing, damp but not wet.

“Go back or move on”

Do you want to return to what it was, or do you want to stay where you are?

At the cross-road where you need to make a choice. ✝️

You have to decide what is right and if you can do it.

Right now it’s very important.

Witch way should you go?


1. Stop to see the way you want to turn, for there are many ways you can go to.

2. Listen to your mind, what is it telling you? Ask the almighty to show you the way because he knows everything.

3. Look at where you have been, where you are, where you want to go. Decide the path that is for you. Once that is done, start walking.

Keep moving to your destination, you will be alright. There’s always someone walking with you. No matter how hard, keep on moving. Don’t give up. There will be times you don’t think you are getting anywhere. Times you think nothing is getting done.



Do something that will make you more knowledgable. Things are never easy, but they dont have to be hard as you think. Keep moving, never give up because you will get there!



Bunchkin cookies giveaway!

Hello friends!  Next Friday May 26th 2017 I will be giving away “Bunchkin Cookies” at LaShunda McClain’s home resource table ( @homemrs1mc) , at The Bonfire Youth Summit!


For more information on the location please check out @mrs1mc page. And @homemrs1mc


Thank you!

Lets Go Today

Lets go, when is it time

Lets go, what do you need

Lets go, who will care

Lets go family indeed

Lets go, how long has it been

Lets go, when will it end

Lets go , a long time for me

Lets go , it’s time you will see

Lets go, all the things are not right

Lets go, even when not in sight

Lets go, it’s okay

Lets go today