The Little Things

When I was a little girl, I remember my mother would wash my dresses for school. She would iron them on Saturday and put starch in every dress. My mother would do my hair so I would look nice for school on Monday. I loved that. When I was little, I didn’t like my clothes to get wrinkles in them. She always made sure my clothes were hanging up so I could see them and I would put the colors together. The little Things.

Some days when me and my brothers would come home from school she would have a hot bowl of soup and sandwich waiting on the table for us if she had to work. The Little Things.

Me and my mother would lie on our backs in the bed listening to music and at that time I didn’t know what type of music it was, but I knew I just like being with my mother, doing what she was doing. And that is how I was introduced the Jazz! The Little Things.

There were times when I remember walking into my grandma and mothers house and they were sitting around the kitchen table with baskets of apples peeling them with a big pot on the stove cooking them. My granny would say to me; “Pull up a chair.” and I did. As we all peeled the apples together, I would talk to them and make them laugh. The Little Things


Granny would make African garments and save the scraps to make quilts. She would cut the left over material and let me put the different colors together. Sometimes, she would let me cut the material into squares and she would show me how to nit and do embroidery. My Granny would even let me make some clothes for myself. The Little Things.

Once, when I was a little girl, I herd a man sing so beautiful that I thought it was coming from the radio but it was from my granddad. We use to sit on the porch together and he would try to show me how to do the hambone. For those of you who don’t know about the hambone, it was created by Africans who were forbidden to make music. The Little Things

One time, one of my daughters told me she wished that one of the boys at her school would let her where his jacket that had basketball letters on it. I told her; “You can get your own letters.” So as a result, she joined the basketball team and got her own. The little Things.

Another time I told one of my other girls when she goes to her new school; “Just sit back and watch the children before you make friends.” So she took her time watching to see who she would wanted to be around and she thanked me later. The little Things.

Looking out of my bedroom window, I watched as my son stood in the bitter cold with snow very high in front of his car looking back and forth from the lifter to the motor and back again. I realized he was going to take the motor out, so I put some clothes on and went outside and said; “What are you going to do?” I already knew what he was thinking and he said to me; “I’m about to take the motor out.” So I helped him navigate the right way so that he wouldn’t break the fan. Once the motor was raised out of his 1966 Buick Skylark, he was so proud and happy he kept saying; “Do you know what we just did? My mother just helped me take the motor out of my car!” And that was a joyful moment for me and my son. The Little Things

One day there was a young man sitting on my steps waiting for my oldest daughter and I knew how he felt about her. So I offered him to come in the house, but he said no he would wait outside. The Little Things.

The Little Things can become something great. They are married now with 5 blessed children. Sometime you have to be patient and the almighty will help when you are true.

During the holiday time, I loved sitting down cracking nuts with my brothers or just talking about our lives. Or, going to the coffee shop with one of my brothers looking at the birds in the sky. Just The Little Things.

There were times when things weren’t so good but The Little Things helped push us through and helped us stay together! As a family, that’s what you do. Since it’s Black History Month I wanted to share some of The Little Things that my family did for me and the things I do for them. From generation to generation, the things I’ve done for my family will be passed on because The Little Things can mean a lot no matter what they are!

One thought on “The Little Things

  1. Wow, I love this mother so intimate and kind. It drew a setting for me that I wanted to rest in…the little things. You are so right to never take those things for granted. I love you, mom💜

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