To my family and friends, I have been bless to know and be around some awesome people. It’s not every day this can be said. My family is so supportive of the things I do most of the time even when their not, I know they still right there with me by my side if I fall. This is one of the greatest things I love about my family, not just my mom or my brother’s or daughters or son but other people in my life my nephew’s and ness cousins they all have my back and that is a great feeling. When one is in need, we are all there. I am so glad God put these people in my life no matter what the problem. My mom is there for me she is my rock. My two daughter’s and son are always by my side good and  bad times. Thank YOU for your love and support. Now, my friends are also there to lend a helping hand if needed, just to comfort me when I need a friend. Thank you for being there. I couldn’t ask for more you see, God never leaves me. Thank you God for always walking with me. I just want people to know how thankful  I am for God and my family and friends. I love them very much.

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