So Busy

In this world today we are so busy there is never enough time. We go to sleep thinking about what we have to do for the next day, then we wake up trying to remember what we were thinking about before we went to sleep. If you didn’t write it down or make a note of it, put it in your phone you might not remember. We are so busy there is not enough time. Well, there is! Stop what you are doing for just a moment and call someone you haven’t talked to. If you are as busy as I have talked about, you can make time. Someone that you know needs you to call and ask them how they are. Find out what they have been doing. Listen to them. Let them talk. Let them vent and make them laugh and don’t talk about you because we all know you’ve been busy. Let them take there time because what ever you have to do it can wait. Now you have just allowed someone else to remember what they forgot. Friends, “laughter” and peace of mind is what we need from time to time.

6 thoughts on “So Busy

  1. Thank you for the timely reminder. I read all your blogs. The pics and messages are beautiful. I believe your literary proficiency is developing too. Keep growing


  2. Thank You. Your straight forward wise words have touched my heart. I think to call and just don’t. You’ve provoked me to not only​ think about someone… take the next step…call and listen!
    Your inspiration is refreshing. Thanks Cuz.


  3. This is awesome auntie!! I needed to read this. Sometimes life gets so busy that you forget to reach out to the people that means the most to us! What I took from this is you can never be to busy for your family, friends, Love,and life make TIME!! I love you infinity x infinity


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